Strength in staying cool!

Strength in staying cool!

Fridge harnesses the power of low temperatures. This lets us leave out harmful ingredients like pore-clogging silicones, drying alcohol and many other substances typically used as preservatives.

That cooling the skin can bring health and beauty benefits is ancient wisdom. In the right doses, cold temperatures can energise, boost circulation, reduce redness and bring down swelling. The cold also has a magnificently soothing effect. Yes, Fridge products require refrigeration because of the way they are made – but the fact that they are chilled when you use them is in itself of great benefit to your skin.

Coolness in not only a matter of temperature, but also one of attitude. This is why our motto is cool your beauty. Because in coolness there is great power – literally and metaphorically – and true beauty is always cool.

Effectiveness counts.

Our number one rule when creating products is to use precisely those ingredients that are necessary – and nothing more. Only then is every ingredient effective.

The active substances in Fridge products deliver optimal nourishment, speed detoxification and stimulate the natural renewal process. The amazing effectiveness of our products results from the synergistic composition of our formulas and is proof that less really is more.

Fridge has proven anti-ageing effects. Laboratory studies on our bestselling Face the Cream revealed that it reduces up to 35% of existing wrinkles and prevents the formation of new ones.

Because they don’t have to “compete” with preservatives and other substances of dubious reputation, the active ingredients in our formulas are able to penetrate deep layers of the skin and bring fast, visible results.

Thanks to Fridge, skin is free to “breathe,” because we don’t use any ingredients based on silicones or petrochemicals. Typically, such substances coat the skin with a film that blocks the transfer of both moisture and air – a problem that can disrupt healthy skin function. What’s more, synthetic oils do not contain any active substances of benefit to human skin.

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