Less is more.


Less is more.

We believe quality beats quantity. The shorter the ingredient list, the more of what is truly great. And limiting the number of ingredients to a minimum helps reduce the risk of allergic reactions.

We select only the best ingredients for each skin type and deploy them at remarkably high concentrations for maximum skincare benefits. We also seek to create formulas based on powerful synergies between ingredients, so that they strengthen one another’s effects on the skin.

Thanks to our rich formulas, Fridge products last and last. In time, customers find that they need less product to achieve similar effects, because skin that is nourished and hydrated is no longer as “thirsty.”

Every Fridge product is created in our own laboratory. Each bottle is filled manually, then sealed and signed by the technician in charge of the batch. This means that Fridge will always be made in small quantities, so our products will always retain their uniqueness and quality.

Knowledge is power.

We have over a dozen years’ experience in composing natural skincare formulas, so we know exactly how to bring out the best in every ingredient. This is crucial for a brand like ours, because short ingredient lists require deep knowledge of both chemistry and cosmetology. You have to know exactly what your aims are, and you can’t add anything “just in case.”

Our formulas are developed by our in-house team of biotechnologists, who continually apply new breakthroughs in modern cosmetology to combine nature and science into optimal formulas.

Though our products are all-natural and free of preservatives, they are more effective than homemade skincare.

We are fascinated by science. From cosmetology to herbal medicine to human behavior, we apply the knowledge we gain to the formulas we create. And we never ignore facts, even if they raise the bar for us considerably.

We love to explore new ways of doing things and excel at coming up with original solutions. We were the first ones with the idea for skincare so fresh, it requires refirigeration. We are not afraid to dream big and take on new challenges.

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