Mission Fridge

Keep youth in the fridge!

We have created a new category of world-class Fresh cosmetics. They are so fresh that most of our ingredients can be eaten. We are the first in the world to offer not only natural cosmetics, but those that are first and foremost created from the highest class of fresh ingredients, most importantly cold-pressed oils, natural essential oils and plant extracts. They do not contain preservatives, silicones or ethyl alcohol, so that the skin can breathe. With an expiration date 2.5 months from the date of production, they must be kept in the refrigerator to retain their unique properties. A young team of biologists and biotechnologists, who are still discovering new possibilities in modern cosmology, works on our formulations. The combination of technology and fresh ingredients allowed us to create an outstanding product. The ingredients contained in fridge products penetrate the epidermis to the dermis, which ensures proper nourishment of tissues, excretion of toxins and stimulation of natural cell renewal processes. With time, well nourished skin needs less cream, not more. The difference between fridge and traditional cosmetics is like between freshly squeezed grapefruit juice and a grapefruit-flavoured drink that can be kept for consumption within 2 years...

Fridge creates space for you to express yourself.

We believe that nourishment and care of your well-being means being true to yourself in many ways. It should not be limited to a healthy diet, an active lifestyle and pursuing your interests. Only finding what is important for a certain person will allow him or her to discover freedom, independence and inner strength. Everything that surrounds and influences us should provide us with space to express ourselves, seek the things that we enjoy and that satisfy our needs, both physical and mental. We create the space for that search and self- expression, to discover the unknown, to seek your potential. We show how important it is to find time for yourself and stay open to your dreams and needs.

Fridge inspires

Fridge wants to inspire – that’s what we are open to the world and search for inspiration within it. We believe that every place, time and person can become the beginning of something unique, on both a small and large scale. We want to inspire clients – and to a large extent you – to find themselves, to find opportunities and not losses in every stage of life and to discover new opportunities instead of limitations. Inspiring others is not everything. We also listen to our clients and are open to what they say, need and dream. In this way, a creative stream of inspiration leads us in other directions...

The Fridge Team

The fridge team is a group of outstanding individualists, each one contributing something unique, which enables us to have a creative impact on the shape of our market. Out of many different characters harmonious cooperation is generated and the space we create brings us joy and satisfaction every day. We enjoy contact with clients, so each of us, irrespective of our position, is eager to advise visitors to our shop on selecting the best cosmetics.

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