Nature is number one.

Nature is number one.

The effectiveness of our products results from the ingredients we use. After all, we are a part of nature, so it’s no surprise that nature is what’s most beneficial for our skin and our well-being.

We create our products out of oils and extracts so natural, unprocessed and fresh, that you could eat most of them with a spoon.

It’s widely known that cold-pressed oils are the most nutritious, and that food quickly goes bad outside of the refrigerator. Our skincare products are as nourishing and natural as fresh, unprocessed food.

We care about the beauty of nature as much as we care about skin. We use only low-carbon-footprint ingredients, most of which are organically grown. We run a packaging buy back program. We use no fertilizers or pesticides in our own rose fields.

Our certified organic rosa rugosa orchard is located in coastal Poland on land that once belonged to the Order of Cistercians. Our roses and the veteran linden trees on our land produce fifteen hundred tonnes of oxygen every day. That translates to fresh air for three thousand people.

Other than sustainably obtained beeswax and lanolin, we use no other ingredients derived from animals in our products. We practice no testing on animals and make sure that none of the ingredients we source undergo such testing.

Absolutely no preservatives.

Fridge products stay fresh not because of preservatives but because of the bracing power of low temperatures.

The difference between Fridge and conventional skincare is like the difference between freshly juiced fruit and a fruit-flavored drink with a two-year shelf life. Even natural skincare products usually contain alcohol and other preservatives.

All preservatives – even ones approved for use in natural products – may in some cases irritate the skin. Some Fridge customers report that ours are the only products that don’t give them an allergic reaction.

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